Quin Schrock


Always one to steer off the beaten path and take the road untouched, Quin Schrock is a world-renowned photographer who loves nothing more than discovering the new.

Follow Quin’s journey of discovery through some of Peru’s most curious places.

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Nat Kelley


Peruvian-born, Australian-raised actress Nat Kelley has always felt a spirited connection to her roots – and the culture and customs of her ancestors.

See the unique cultural experiences Nat’s journey back to her homeland took her to.

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Andy Allen


The youngest-ever winner of Masterchef Australia, Andy Allen is a chef by trade and flavour-seeker at heart. He travels the world in search of the most authentic culinary experiences.

Read about Andy’s top Peruvian foodie picks as he takes his taste buds on tour.

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Jackson Groves


With an appetite for adventure and a taste for thrills, Jackson Groves is an Aussie content creator who’ll try anything once.

Check out what Jackson got up to on his adrenaline-packed, adventure-filled trip to Peru.

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