Redefining Discover

Few people get to experience the magic of Peru quite like this. Quin’s Peruvian journey of discovery led him to legendary sites like Machu Picchu and the Amazon, as well as unsung gems in Ica, Huacachina and Lima. He encountered parrots and anacondas, and even caught a few piranhas.

Build Your Trip


Tip #1

Don't miss the Amazon

It’s unique, exciting and so full of wonder. Do the canopy walk if you can – it gives you a chance to fully comprehend just how big the jungle is.

Tip #2

Don't rush

There’s so much to see and do Peru, it can be tempting to hop around as much as possible. For the best experience, travel at a slower pace that allows you to really bask in the beauty around you.

Tip #3

Plan your

It’s a good idea to pre-purchase transport tickets through tour agencies. They make getting around a lot easier.